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Month of August 2014

Cambridge KET/PET Result

Month of August 2014

Mother's Day

he Queen’s Birthday (Mother’s Day) is observed every year on August 12. This is a national holiday. It is an important day for all Thai people when everyone can pay their respect to their mothers as well as The Queen.

Month of July 2014

Asanha Puja or Asarnha Bucha (Day before the Buddhist Lent)

Asalha Puja (known as Asanha Puja or Asarnha Bucha in Thailand, is a Theravada Buddhist festival which typically takes place in July, on the full moon of the eighth lunar month. It commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon in the Deer Park in Benares and the founding of the Buddhist sangha. In Thailand, Asalha Puja is a government holiday. The day is observed by donating offerings to temples and listening to sermons. Read more...

26th June 2014

Asanha Puja or Asarnha Bucha (Day before the Buddhist Lent)

Over two hundred years ago, on June 26, 1786, the wife of a humble Rayong divine then living in Bangkok gave birth to a baby boy. In due course, the little boy was given the name of Phu. When he grew up, his genius as a poet was quickly recognised, and he won the esteem of kings and commoners alike. Finally, after many vicissitudes in the course of a colourful career, he attained the distinction of Poet Laureate and was created Phra Sunthorn Voharn. Today, Sunthorn Phu is accepted as one of the greatest poets Thailand ever produced, and he holds his place among theleading poets of the world. Read more...

Month of June 2014

Wai Kru

At the beginning of every school year in Thailand, (usually in October but some schools do this in January or even June), every Thai student participates in Wai Kru Day or Teacher's Day Even though each school holds Wai Kru Day in different months, one thing is consistent - Wai Kru Day is held on a Thursday, as this is thought to be an auspicious day by Thai Buddhists. Wai Kru Day is the day of the year when Thai students show respect to their teachers by participating in a big school ceremony. Read more...

Monthly Newsletter

Month of August 2014

Four Main Principles

We recognize that play is an essential element in the development of young children providing situations where they control the events and construct knowledge. Important conceptual, social, and language skills are developed during these times. Throught play they explore their environment, learn to deal with problems, and learn to work within a group. Read more...

By Dirk Bovee

Month of July 2014

ISP program
Full steam ahead!

The months of May and June where the beginning of the year and the start of the first International Studies Program! A very exciting program on many levels, because this has never been done before in the history of Assumption College Rayong. It means a shift from the traditional Thai style of teaching to a more broad and international standard. Read more...

By Dirk Bovee

What's the latest?
Cambridge KET/PET

The Department of Foreign Languages and Cambridge ESOL of Assumption College Rayong, administered the Cambridge Key for Schools and Cambridge Preliminary for Schools tests on June 14, 2014. There were twelve candidates for KET and six for PET from ACR and other schools. All of them passed the tests.

Diagnostic Test

ACR secondary department conducted the diagnostic test for Mathayom 1-6

The test is held on Monday 25th - Thursday 28th August 2014.


1. To evaluate the students' achievements in English subject and to determine the current state of their progress and ability with the following aspects:


2. To eveluate the students' understanding and ability with the following subjects:


3. The test also aims to ascertain the vulnerability of the students with the particular field to assess them remediate their weaknesses.
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