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11th July 2014

Asarnha Bucha Day

26th June 2014

Sunthon Phu Day

12th June 2014

Teacher's Day


Asanha Puja or Asarnha Bucha (Day before the Buddhist Lent)

Asalha Puja (known as Asanha Puja or Asarnha Bucha in Thailand, is a Theravada Buddhist festival which typically takes place in July, on the full moon of the eighth lunar month. It commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon in the Deer Park in Benares and the founding of the Buddhist sangha. In Thailand, Asalha Puja is a government holiday. The day is observed by donating offerings to temples and listening to sermons. The following day is known in Thailand as Wan Kao Pansa; it is the first day of vassa, the Theravada rains retreat. Celebrated in Thailand on the first full moon of the eighth lunar month, Asanha Bucha Day marks the first public sermon given by Buddha, which took place at Deer Park in Benares, India. In this initial sermon, Buddha presented the Four Noble Truths to five ascetics. While the ascetics believed in self-mortification, he taught that the cessation of desire was the key to enlightenment. Upon hearing this message, the five men reached enlightenment and became the first Buddhist priests or Sangha. The day also marks the beginning of Vassa, the Buddhist lent period also known as the Rains Retreat. Ceremonies are held in Buddhist temples throughout the country. Elaborate wax candles are lit and kept burning throughout lent. In the city of Ubon, a Candle Festival is held in which a parade of candles is followed by a contest for best candle design and a beauty contest. In Saraburi, monks from the local temple will walk through the town with their alms bowls. On this day, townspeople will put flowers into their bowls instead of food, and the monks offer these flowers at the temple in honor of the Buddha. Asanha Bucha Day has become a popular day for young Thai men to enter the monkhood.



ISP program
Full steam ahead!

T   he months of May and June where the beginning of the year and the start of the first International Studies Program! A very exciting program on many levels, because this has never been done before in the history of Assumption College Rayong. It means a shift from the traditional Thai style of teaching to a more broad and international standard.

By Dirk Bovee

What's the latest?

Nature Camp ::: m 5 issue 1. On 5-7 December 2556 group learning, social studies, religion and culture with a group of Learning Career and Technology. School, Assumption College Rayong. Read more...

2556 ::: Events Athletics colors. On Thursday 28th and Friday, November 29, 2556 sporting event parties with a group of learning health education and physical education. Athletics Tournament 2556 four students at Central Stadium in Rayong is honored Dr. create maintenance ophthalmologist Sirikit Hospital and Bangkok Hospital - Rayong. Read more...

On 22, 25 and 26 November 2556 for the sport activities with a group learning, Health and Physical Education. Students have sports 2556 academic year at the school, Assumption College Rayong celebrating 5 decades ACR Match the following. Read more...

On Wednesday, November 6, 56 School, Assumption College Rayong has led students in Grade 3 field trip to the Museum isometric (ART IN PARADISE INTERACTIVE ART MUSEUM) North Pattaya Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Pattaya for students to learn the lessons of actual experience in the classroom and beyond. promote the use of learning resources outside the school as well. Read more...

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